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Name:Daniel Jackson
Birthdate:Jul 8
Location:United States of America

Name: Doctor Daniel Jackson
DOB: July 8 1965
Character Fandom: Stargate SG1
Job: Archaeologist, civilian member of SG1, ancient cultures expert
Physicial description: Tall (6’), brown hair, cut fairly short, blue eyes, Daniel wears glasses some of the time. Mode of dress is either military or casual.

Daniel was born 8th July 1965, the son of two archaeologists, Melburn and Clare. When he was, while his parents were preparing an exhibition at the New York Museum of Art, falling stones fell on them, killing them instantly. Daniel was put into foster care when his grandfather refused to look after him.

Not much is known about his years before university, but he studied archaeology at university, under the tuition of Dr David Jordan, with two other known students, Dr Sarah Gardner (Daniel’s former lover) and Dr Steven Rayner. He also is a linguist and expert in ancient writing systems.

Daniel found himself ostracised by the academic community for his wild theories about cross-pollination of cultures, and that the Egyptian pyramids were in fact landing pads for alien ships. His theories were to be proved right when he was contacted by Catherine Langford, who was working on translating hieroglyphics for the USAF.

Daniel found what was to be the key to unlocking the Stargate, a device which allowed them to travel to a distant planet, Abydos. Daniel travelled with Colonel Jack O’Neill and his air force team, to align the gate at the other side. When they were there they ran into an alien, posing as the Egypt God Ra. Daniel helped O’Neill to defeat Ra, and stayed on Abydos after accidentally marrying one of the local woman, Sha’re, and buried the Stargate to ensure no one else could go through.

When nearly three years later, someone who appeared to be Ra came through the Stargate to Earth, killing four men and kidnapping one woman, O’Neill went back through the gate to Abydos to see if Daniel knew anything. The alien, who turned out to be Apophis, didn’t come from Abydos, but Daniel showed O’Neill and his team a cartouche he found, showing thousands of potential Stargate addresses. While they were doing this, Apophis came through the Abydos gate, kidnapping Sha’re, and her brother, Skaa’ra. Daniel went back to Earth with Jack, intent on finding Sha’re.

They obtained the coordinates for another planet, Chulak, which was where Sha’re and Skaa’ra had been taken. There Daniel discovered Sha’re had been transformed into a Goa’uld, like Apophis and Ra. Daniel had to give up the search for now.

He joined SG1 as a permanent member of the team, working with Jack, Captain Samantha Carter, and a Jaffa from Chulak who joined them, Teal’c, becoming a close-knit team.

Daniel will be arriving in Haurvatat from the beginning of Season 7, Episode 1 Fallen

This journal is for entertainment purposes only, specifically for the rpg [info]hearts_andminds. No copyright infringement intended. Stargate SG1, and Dr Daniel Jackson do not belong to me, nor does the wonderful Michael Shanks. I'm just borrowing for a while.
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