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Uh, this is Daniel Jackson. I'm not about at the moment, you know what to do.
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Have you ever lost anyone close to you?

Daniel sat in his lab, daydreaming. So much to catch up on now that Jonas had returned home, and he was back on SG1. His memories were slowly returning, sometimes gently, sometimes more forcefully.

His eyes lit on the picture of Sha’re, and he stopped for a moment, picking the frame up to look at the familiar features. He was dreaming of her more than he had before he’d ascended, that much he knew. Of nights sitting out under the stars of Abydos, laughing at the antics of the boys as they prepared for another shift watching the Stargate.

He sighed. He supposed he’d lost her three times now. The first when Apophis took her was the one that hurt, that still felt as if his heart was being ripped out if he thought about it. The second, when Teal’c killed her to save him, after that moment they shared.

The third time, when he realised firstly who she was, then what happened to her after he descended should have been the most painful. That moment of hope and love when he realised that yes, he had a wife, and yes, he loved her more than life itself, followed by searing loss when talking to Teal’c as he remembered what happened. But in some ways it was the best, and easier to cope with. The memories of her were fresh once again, and he knew that he loved her. But this time it was easier to move on, to accept her proper place as part of his past – to move on, starting afresh.

Daniel Jackson
Stargate SG1
Word Count: 263


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